Waka Wahine

Waka Wahine organises hui/retreats/gatherings for the women of the parish.


We aim to provide opportunities for the women of the parish to come together to enrich our spiritual dimension, broaden our understanding of our faith and develop a sense of community and belonging.


These hui vary in format and duration such as an annual weekend retreat (live-in optional), a series of 4 retreat days or a number of evenings. In 2000 we took the theme of ‘Journey’ as we moved to be one parish with one centre and began with a bus trip to Pukekaraka/St Mary’s Church in Otaki to learn something of our beginnings as a parish and to experience the special atmosphere of this place.


Our most recent day focussed on ‘Pentecost’ and the multicultural aspect of our parish expressed through sharing in Filipino dance, food (of course!), hearing about women’s faith lives in a variety of countries including South Africa, Tahiti and the Philippines. Each of us brought a personal item/treasure/taonga and shared its significance for us. We have a lot of joyful fun and laughter together along with time for silence and prayer.


If you’d like to help with planning these events or to offer ideas, please get in touch.


Anna Ryan
Ph: 902 6330 Email: office@ryanpublications.co.nz;

Claire Fromont
Ph: 027 252 4731 Email: claire.fromont@harcourts.co.nz