OutLOoK: is the new name for our parish magazine which is put out quarterly. It is largely self-funded through advertising. This new name,


  • at the most obvious level, includes an acronym for Our Lady of Kāpiti
  • reflects our need to look out for each other
  • reflects our need to also look outwards, to those we are exhorted to go out to at the end of every mass: Go in peace to love and serve the Lord. May our parish be outward looking, striving to be our Lord to those we meet and to recognize the needs within the larger Kāpiti community. Last year’s Benefit Impact Week, run by the parish Justice and Peace Group, St Vincent de Paul and Kāpiti Events are just some of the outreaches we undertake as a parish.
  • encompasses some of the aims of the magazine, namely to
    • share parishioners’ outlook on aspects of our faith – the coronavirus, elections, Laudato Si’, and liturgical seasons have been some of our topics.
    • report on various parish groups 
    • highlight events have taken place in our parish community 
  • points out that we need to be on the lookout for what’s coming up within the parish – what events, meetings, fund raisers, updates on the building process, etc., etc., etc.
  • suggests that we are also attempting to broaden our readers’ outlook on broader church issues through (some subtle and some not so subtle) Faith Education, as reflected in the Why We Do What We Do articles.
  • shows that we can look after our local suppliers by supporting our advertisers with our business, just as they make it possible for OutLOoK to be distributed free of charge.

The masthead includes the Maori name of our Parish – Te Whaea Tapu o Kāpiti and the image of the statue is the stylized image that appears on the doors of St Patrick’s Hall, in the school and in the windows and doors of our new Church and Parish Centre.


Contact the Editor Anna Ryan 902 6330 office@ryanpublications.co.nz