Terms of Reference


The buildings of Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish form the patrimony of the parish, paid for through the generosity of generations of parishioners, and serve the Eucharistic and pastoral needs of its people.

This duty of care and need to ‘future proof’ our buildings requires Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish to thoroughly review the way it meets all of its pastoral needs through the use of its buildings.

The parish is facing the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars to meet current earthquake standards to ensure the safety of our parishioners. Before we commit to this, or to any other significant expenditure on our buildings, it is important that we invest for the future as well as the present.

To this end I am appointing a Development Group to help our parish discern its longer term requirements and to make an initial recommendation to parishioners by means of its leadership committees, namely, the Chairpersons of the Parish Council and Finance Committee, the School Board of Trustees, the School Principal and the Liturgy Committee.

Scope of work

The Development Group is to make recommendations concerning the buildings and associated resources that will meet the needs of the parish (including its school), as set out in the Pastoral Plan over the next 30 years.

The recommendations are to cover:
1. options for the location(s) of all parish facilities
2. options for the broad design and approximate size of any new or modified building(s) if required,
3. the practical steps necessary to implement any recommended changes,
4. the estimated financial implications of any recommendations, and
5. an outline of the preferred option of the Development Group.

The Development Group is to take into account the key factors as set out in the Pastoral Plan including the liturgical needs of Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish and various parish groups, as well as the forecast data on population trends, demographics, roading development, etc.

The Development Group is asked to consult widely to various groups in the parish, particularly the leadership groups mentioned above and any other key groups.


It is envisaged that the Development Group will complete a draft report for consideration by the Parish in 3-6 months and for a final decision on the Parish needs within 12 months.


The Development Group is to provide a presentation and summary report to a Representative Body, consisting of the Parish Priest and the Chairs of the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance Committee, the Liturgy Committee and the Board of Trustees Chair and the Principal of St. Patrick’s School.


None of the members of the Development Group hold a current leadership position in the Parish. However, every one of them is a committed parishioner with considerable skills in leadership and development at a parish, school board of trustee, and at a community level. This enables this group to take a fresh and objective view of the property needs of Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish for both the current and future generations of its parishioners.

The members of the Development Group are:

  1. David Meyer
  2. David Sowry
  3. Dianne Collier-Brake
  4. John O’Sullivan (chair)
  5. Michael Wintringham
  6. Richard Goodman
  7. Zita Smith.

Other people may be co-opted for particular skills or clarification if required.

With every blessing in Christ

Michael McCabe
Parish Priest - Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish
Sunday 1 June 2014


Michael Wintringham was the initial Chairperson of the Development Group but resigned in July 2014 due to personal commitments and travel. John O’Sullivan is now the Chairperson of the Development Group

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Other Administrative Updates:

The Development Group met informally for the first time on Wednesday 4 June and chose Michael Wintringham as their Chairperson. They will have their first formal meeting within the next two weeks. I am very grateful to them for their service to the Parish.

The Parish Council met on Tuesday evening and continues to make excellent progress on the drawing up of the pastoral plan for the parish. This as well as the annual accounts will be presented to parishioners after the 9 o’clock Mass at Our Lady of Kāpiti on 29 June 2014. Copies of both reports will be available on that Sunday for parishioners.

The Finance Committee meets on June 26 2014. A new Chairperson will be elected at this meeting as the current Chair Brian Byers as well as David Diggins retire. Both have given outstanding service to the Parish as Finance Committee Chairmen. I have appointed Michael Gaffaney and David Greening as new members of the Finance Committee.

Glen McCullough has handed over the management and development of our parish website to Lafaele Vaeluaga.  We are very grateful to Glen for the huge work he has done in developing the parish website to date.

Michael McCabe
Parish Priest - Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish
Pentecost Sunday 8 June 2014