The Vision


We are a pilgrim people of faith under the inspiration and protection of Te Whaea Tapu o Kāpiti, centred in the Gospel of Christ and living out our core values of worship, hospitality, community, justice and service.

We commit to being an inclusive, caring, welcoming community of love, understanding and acceptance; we love and support each other in our lives and ministries.

We are called to mission as disciples of Jesus, responding to the needs of all peoples around us, inspired through Eucharist to work for the common good.

We are committed to cultural integrity and sensitivity in the integrated design and use of land across the site.  We seek pastoral, social, worship and support services integration between church and school.

We seek to create a physical and spiritual environment which is a place of warmth and welcome, colour and comfort, style and sacredness, simple yet flexible and versatile in design.

We seek to distinguish spaces by their nature and use - worship, gathering, socialising, hosting/entertaining, meeting and prayer whilst maintaining a holistic approach to design across the site.

We wish our church building to be recognisably Catholic, a witness to our faith within the wider community.

We commit to recognising our rich faith traditions, while utilising contemporary design and materials to reflect our new journey as a single parish community.