New Church building

Church Building update
Sun, 25 Nov 2018 - John O'Sullivan

Click here to download - PLEDGE FORM - MSWord

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You can help build our new Parish church by pledging an amount of your choice over a set period of time. Please feel free to contact the Parish office on 04 902 5815 if you require any further information.

You can donate using the following methods:

account: 02-0536-0170550-20. Please use your name as reference.
2. Cheque payable to the: - “OUR LADY OF KAPITI DEVELOPMENT PROJECT”

Please email to let us know that you have given a gift.

The Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Kapiti is a registered charity. Charities Registration No. CC53157 - your donation is tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Pledging update
 - Sun, 30 Sept 2018 - Mary Cook
Church Building update
- Sun, 29 July 2018 - Fr Michael McCabe

Cost – Notes from meetings held 14/15 May 2018

Q: Any idea between minimum and maximum cost?
A: We realise that whatever we build it will be expensive – the only estimate we have at present is $6-$7million.  We have $500,000.00 in Bank - $650,000 in pledges still to come in of which $400,000 is specifically for the Chapel as per the donor’s request.  We will be running two waves of fundraising – the community fundraising which has raised $190,000 - and a new pledge giving campaign which we will run to address capital funding shortfall.

Q: How much do we need to start?
A: We need half of the cost to start – so if it is $7m we need $3.5m.

Q: Does the cost include Stages 1 & 2?
A: Yes $6-7m estimate for both stages at this point.  As a country we are limited by Rome to spend $4m on Capital Projects so we would need approval from Rome if we do both stages as one – We talk about two stages – Stage 1 being the $4m Church and Stage 2 being the $3m Parish Centre – the idea being to start Stage 2 on completion of Stage 1.

Q: How much have we got in the kitty?
A: 1million and debt free from the Site Development Stage. In 43 months we have come a long way in such a short time – we have got to this point without any design and now we have a 2year goal to have it built and open – With faith we can achieve this.

Q: Will the money from the sale of the land (referring to Sections for sale on Presentation Way) be additional to the money we already have.
A: That land is already sold (and included in the debt free Site Development Stage). We do still own the land at the side of St Patrick’s Hall and long term may look at moving the Lockwood buildings at Parata Street on to this area.

Q: In 18 months’ time the goal is to have the new church completed. Have we got the money and how is it going to happen?
A: At present time we own a half share interest in St Patrick’s Hall and the Church site is debt free. We have approx. $1m being made up of $500,000 cash and $500,000 in pledges made but not yet received. We will continue with the community fundraising which has raised $190,000.00 to date. We will need to have a further capital fundraising campaign. We would like Stage 2 to follow on immediately from Stage 1 but this is all finance related. We need half to start – there are challenges to our faith but up until this point faith is what has got us here and parishioners have generously supported this – now we know what it looks like..

Q: Fr Michael made mention about a donation of $400,000 specifically for the Eucharistic Chapel.
A: Yes - that is part of the $500,000 pledges made but not yet received..