ADW-Synod 2017

Delegates report-back given at Mass:

  1. Kathleen Sinclair-Macaulay: 8:30am Mass - St Patrick’s Hall, Paraparaumu - Sunday, 12 November 2017
  2. Clare Borst: 10am Mass - Our Lady of Fatima, Waikanae - Sunday, 12 November 2017
  3. Bernie Velasco: 4pm Mass - St Patrick’s Hall, Paraparaumu - Sunday 12 November 2017




The two documents from the Synod 2017:

  1. Recommendations to the Archbishop
  2. Practical Actions to accompany the Recommendations to the Archbishop


Feedback from the 2017 Archdiocesan Synod: “Haere, tukuna. Go You Are Sent to…”
Mary Cook - Sunday, 24 September 2017

Last weekend 350 people from the length and breadth of the Archdiocese participated in the Synod.

Participants represented the wide range of age groups and ethnicities living in the Archdiocese. We were provided with many opportunities to meet new people and to work together to develop recommendations to present to the Cardinal on each of the topics identified for discernment.

The youth involved in the Synod provided relevant and meaningful liturgies for the beginning of each day, including a reflection using the new version of Black Eyed Peas “ Where is the Love”.  Looking at their leadership and contributions to each session, the future of Catholicism is in good hands.

Synod participants took part in five sessions, four of which were set topics. The fifth one had to be selected from seven optional ones. All groups followed a set process of discernment which certainly showed the action of the Holy Spirit working within us.

Each session began with the facilitator leading the group in praying together the Vatican ll Council Prayer ‘Adsumus’. The facilitator then clarified the topic that the group were to reflect on in the session. Each participant was asked to present their thoughts on the topic. After a time of silence each person was then able
to comment on something that had been said which was significant to them. From these responses the facilitator was able to make a summary in accord with people’s input.. After a further time of silence and reflection on the summary the group were able to put forward a few areas that recommendations could be
made from. Groups were asked to submit up to four recommendations. While this proved to be a challenging exercise for many groups (especially the lengthy times of silence) the Synod organisers had a bigger challenge grouping the recommendations together from each session to enable reporting back to take place..

In all 120 recommendations have been formulated which will form the basis for Cardinal John to consider under the following areas:

Go you are sent to….

  1. The peripheries of society -  points raised in regard to understanding the nature of the peripheries and eleven recommendations have been made.
  2. Develop a spirituality of service -  contributions on liturgy/worship reflecting diversity of communities and enabling them to re-connect with their faith , personal prayer and spiritual growth, resulted in twelve recommendations from this session.
  3. Find leaders - understanding leadership roles, new models of leadership, leadership formation, produced thirteen recommendations
  4. Manage your assets wisely r esulted in eight r ecommendations. It was obvious that in compar ison to other parishes Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish is making real progress in this area.

Topics 5-11 were optional topics: Go you are sent to…

  1. Deepen your bicultural relationship - nine recommendations
  2. As members of the One Body – six recommendations
  3. Your own peripheries – six recommendations
  4. Care for creation - three recommendations
  5. Fellow Christians – three recommendations
  6. Accompany one another - seven recommendations
  7. Support marriage and families – seven recommendations

Two other topics evolved during the Synod which identified common areas for further development. These are:

  1. Build Community - six recommendations
  2. Communicate effectively – five recommendations.

It was a privilege to be a participant representing Our Lady of Kāpiti Parish at the Synod. Great to meet up with so many old friends and to make new ones, but awesome to be able to contribute in some small way to the future direction of the Archdiocese. A copy of the 120 recommendations will be posted on the noticeboards in Our Lady of Fatima Church and St Patrick’s Hall.


Our Synod is over, and now the work begins…
“Go, you are sent: to live your life gratefully, to give God thanks always.
Go, you are sent: to do your job well.
Go, you are sent: to enjoy this life’s pleasures and promises. Yes, and even more.
Go, you are sent: to heal the earth of polluted waters and poisoned skies.
Go, you are sent: to resist the purchase of military armaments with money that could buy milk or books for children.
Go, you are sent: to nurture and protect life, from conception to natural death.
Go, you are sent: to make sure that the sick have adequate healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay.
Go, you are sent: to welcome the immigrant, to embrace the foreigner.
Go, you are sent: to forgive the one who has wronged you and to seek forgiveness from those you have wronged.
Go, you are sent: to love, and to love some more.
Go, you are sent. You are sent. You are sent.
Thanks be to God.”

Cardinal John Dew



Sunday, 14 May 2017

  1. Bernadette Wilson
  2. Bernie Velasco
  3. Bob Houston
  4. Carmel Leonard
  5. Christopher Moss
  6. Clare Borst
  7. Kathleen Sinclair-Macaulay
  8. Lynare Lower
  9. Mary Cook
  10. Moana Morton-Jones
  11. Renee Vaz


Also attending the Synod at the invitation of Cardinal John

  1. Geoff Mettrick
  2. Joe Green
  3. Marguerite Osborne and
  4. Father Michael McCabe


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