Examen For Life During COVID-19

Dear Parishioners

Examen adapted by Mary J Kay from Online Susan Haarman. Friday, 27 March 2020

The Examen is a method of prayer that Saint Ignatius of Loyola encouraged people to practice daily. It’s a short, flexible, easy way to reflect on your day and become conscious about where you are experiencing God’s grace and goodness and where you are struggling; where there is room in your actions for change and growth. Especially in this time of uncertainty and rapid change, taking time to reflect becomes essential!
So in light of the new set of circumstances many of us find ourselves in with COVID-19, it is helpful to adapt the Examen to this unique situation:

Take a moment to arrive in your body, your mind and your heart. Listen to your breathing…. and as you settle maybe imagine you are in a safe place you love in the presence of God.

Ask God for the grace and wisdom you need.
Acknowledge how you are feeling…

 If being calm is hard, acknowledge it.
 If you are frustrated or stressed, acknowledge it.
If you are calm welcome it.
God wants to be present in all areas of our lives - not just the easy or serene moments.


Take a moment to think about how COVID-19 is impacting your life:


Even as we are being asked to distance ourselves from one another socially, ask yourself:

  • What connections you find yourself grateful for?
  • Who makes you feel grounded and connected to God?


Public health issues have a way of making us recognize how interwoven our lives are with others in society.

  • What connections do you take for granted in your life?
  • What connections impact you the most?


God gifted us with limitless creativity and imagination. Even in this time of separation and possible isolation;

  • What is one way you can maintain meaningful connection to others - whether directly, through technology, or intentional focus and attention?


End by noticing your breathing, become aware of where you are and give thanks for the gift of this time of prayer. Take a few minutes to write with words, a poem, a drawing, a colour, symbol or song…….