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Media release: End of Life Choice Bill Should be withdrawn immediately

9 April 2019

End of Life Choice Bill should be withdrawn immediately

Peter Thirkell, Secretary of the Care Alliance, has welcomed the Justice Select Committee’s statement that the End of Life Choice Bill “is not workable in its present state”.

“Mr Seymour should withdraw his bill immediately. It is simply not feasible for MPs to try to ‘fix’ the bill during the Committee of the Whole House stage, as that would deny New Zealanders their right to have a say on different proposals.”

“This is simply too serious an issue for ad hoc amendments to be made on the floor of the house with no expert or wider consultation.  There are just far too many problems that need further discussion.”

“We are opposed to euthanasia in any form, but we are particularly worried about the unintended consequences of rushed ill-considered law in an area as fraught as this.”

Dr Thirkell added that “If Mr Seymour won’t do the right thing, then Parliament should recognise that this Bill is simply not fit for purpose, and resoundingly defeat it at Second Reading.”


Media contact:
Peter Thirkell
Secretary, Care Alliance
027 563 5086


The Euthanasia bill sponsored by MP David Seymour is about to get its 2nd reading and vote in parliament. The Bill is dangerous and does not contain effective safeguards.

Check out the dangers of this Bill by visiting or We encourage every one of you who will be of voting age at the next election (currently aged 17yrs+) to sign the Care Alliance Petition to let your MP know your opposition to this Bill.

There will be opportunities to do this at Masses in the parish the weekends of 6-7 April and 13-14 April.

Good morning/evening parishioners.

Many of you made a personal submission opposing euthanasia to the Justice Select Committee early in 2018, and a record number of more than 38,000 unique submissions were received.

Of those submitters who expressed a position a staggering 91.8% were opposed.

The Euthanasia Bill is about to come back to Parliament, and it will be voted on again in early May. Once again, we need your assistance to sign a petition which will be sent to your MP to remind them to vote ‘No’ to the euthanasia Bill.

The petition is sponsored and organised by the Care Alliance and is for anyone who will be of voting age at the next election, so anyone 17yrs old or older.

Please ensure you sign according to the electorate you live in.
The petition has the backing of the NZ Catholic Bishops.
Every signature matters – please come forward and sign.
We have set up tables…..


Dear Friends

I have been asked to contact you in order to secure your co-operation in obtaining signatures in opposition to the End of Life Choice Bill, which is due to have its second reading early in May.

The Care Alliance, which includes our own Nathaniel Centre and has the backing of our bishops, is asking that we contact the MPs in our parish with these signatures voicing our opposition to this dangerous Bill. The idea is that these politicians will see the names and realise that they also represent votes in the general election next year.

We would therefore urge all parishes to do their best to get the signatures. We do not need any more submissions, just signatures. Most parishes have designated persons who have been in the forefront of opposition to the Bill in the past.

In addition to the above, of course, we need prayers that this Bill will not get any further. A referendum would be a disaster so anything we can do to stop the politicians from taking this option will be powerful.

God bless you all.
Kilian de Lacy (email)



4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sunday, 28 January 2018

Click here for more information 'making a submission'.



15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sunday, 16 July 2017

Fr. Michael McCabe's reflection/homily on the currently proposed law change on 'Physician Assisted Suicide' or 'Euthanasia' in light of today's Gospel, Matthew 13:1-23. The Homily starts at 01:31.

(Homily notes will be published here soon)


16,000 Voices Speak Out on Euthanasia

Anna Ryan – March 2017

A large number of parishioners sent submissions to the royal commission last year. Please follow the links below:

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