RCIA 2024

Rite of Christian Initiation in Adult (RCIA)

Thinking of joining the Roman Catholic Church?

Perhaps you know someone who is curious about the Catholic Faith?

Where to start and how will I know when I’m ready?


RCIA can answer questions, and more.  It will provide you with fundamentals – centred in Christ – for beginning and developing your life of faith in the Roman Catholic Church.   It is for men and women of every culture, language and nation.


RCIA is also for the parish as it needs prayer and support which is the context for Candidates, to explore the Faith within a Catholic community. 


We ask:

  • If you would like more information or wish to enrol please contact the Parish Office: email kapitiparishoffice@gmail.com or phone (04) 902 5815
  • If you are a parishioner please let those you may be curious about the Catholic Faith know the RCIA programme starting soon and they should contact the Parish Office.

Please pray for all involved.