Roles and Responsibilities

Sponsor ** Decision-maker for the programme. Supported in this role by members of the Steering Group. John O’Sullivan
Parish Priest ** Provide pastoral and spiritual leadership of the programme.  Ensure alignment with Archdiocese of Wellington in all key areas. Fr Michael McCabe
Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson ** Ensure that the programme is a key part of the life of the Parish.  Lead the Communications effort Justin du Fresne
Finance Committee Chairperson ** Integrate the financial needs of the programme with the management of Parish finances Michael Gaffaney
Parish Project Lead – School ** Ensure integration of design and decision making across Church and School projects David Meyer
Programme Coordinator ** Oversee planning and operation of the programme. Ensure integrity of programme processes and workgroup reporting. Wullie Grant
Workgroup Leaders / Project Managers * Lead the projects and workgroups within the programme. Funding –  Paul Reiher
Change Mgt – David Greening
L&BD – Wullie Grant
Sale of Assets – Michael Gaffaney
Prayer – Peter Ryan
School – David Meyer
New Church – Tristan McDonald
ADW representatives Represent the interests of Archdiocese of Wellington David Mullin ** - School
Paul Bayliss * - Finances
Programme Advisers * Provide expert opinion and advice to the programme Rick Goodman
John McCardle
David Sowry

*   - Development Group Members – manage individual projects and workgroups on a day to day basis; enable information sharing across the programme; discuss and resolve cross workgroup issues; manage programme risks.

** - Steering Group Members – provide governance; make critical programme wide decisions; point of escalation for issues; clear roadblocks to success