Meet The Candidates

OLOK Justice and Peace Group Organise Successful 'Meet the Candidates' Evening...

Sr. Barbara Henley

9 September 2014

A capacity audience of 220 filled the new Baptist Auditorium last Wednesday night, 3 September 2014 to hear nine (9) Political Candidates endeavouring to convince us as to why we should vote for them, their party and their policies.

  1. Nathan Guy was the first speaker and addressed us with the confidence of the sitting National Member whose party is currently leading the polls. He introduced us to his wife and parents and it was impressive to see their support.
  2. Chris McKenzie also drew on the support of his family and admitted to the strength he received from his wife in achieving his life goals and putting his family first.  His love of his culture and pride in his country was reflected in his confident delivery.  He represented the Te Tai Hauāuru with great mana.
  3. Rob McCann is the new Labour candidate for Otaki.  He is young and enthusiastic and had a very vocal support group in the audience. Raise the minimum wage, protect workers, support for teachers and protection of children were high on his priority list.
  4. Maddie Drew was the young, clear, well-informed voice of the Green Party and impressed with her clarity.
  5. Darroch Ball came all the way from Palmerston North to snare the Party vote for New Zealand First and he too was sharp and concise. 
  6. Ron England is a seasoned campaigner but I admire his fidelity to the policy of the Democrats for Social Credit as well as his wisdom and common sense.
  7. Anne Lovelock spoke of her commitment to family values and Gospel values in her support of the Conservative Party
  8. Waikanae veterinarian Dr Amanda Vickers is standing as an independent for the Otaki electorate, with a view to modernise monetary policy and she has strong opinions on matters financial.
  9. Richard Goode is the ALCP rep and spoke on the medical benefits of Marijuana. He was quite convincing in his arguments to legalise cannabis for recreational, spiritual, medicinal and industrial purposes.

The entire evening was very well managed by the Chairman Justin du Fresne.  He kept the debate orderly fair and well distributed. 

The audience had opportunity to ask questions and our questions on child poverty, euthanasia, refugees, fair wages, the housing crisis and family violence were debated with well-informed, varied and challenging responses.

Everyone considered the evening a worthwhile and informative experience.

It’s up to us, the voters, now but those of us who attended our evening will certainly be more informed and appreciative of the enthusiasm of those 9 political candidates. 

Thanks to all who supported the event.