(past) Mission Gala 2014

A very BIG thank YOU!

Sr. Breda Ryan and Tony Bevin

3 October 2014

A very special and heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked for and supported the Presentation Sisters’ Mission Gala in so many ways.

It has been very rewarding and encouraging to be part of a community that works together so effectively to generate a wonderful result, this year of over $17,000.00 which will be used to support the mission work of our Presentation Sisters.

Thank you and God bless you
Sr Breda Ryan and Tony Bevin

Business Sponsors

The Mission Gala and Garage Sale organisers would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support:

  • Aarque Graphics
  • Beach FM
  • Coastlands Aquatic Centre
  • Copseford Flowers
  • Curves
  • Downtown Cinemas
  • Eva Orchids
  • GingerFig
  • Goodman Contractors
  • Gus Evans Nurseries
  • Harrison Country World
  • Keyosk
  • Kodak Express
  • Lewis's
  • McDonalds
  • Mazengarb Pharmacy
  • More FM
  • New World Waikanae
  • Newstalk ZB
  • Paper Plus
  • Placemakers
  • Raumati Road Pharmacy
  • Rays Pies & Fries
  • Smith City
  • Te Horo Ornamentals
  • The Warehouse
  • Watsons Gardens

And a special Thank You to the people of the Kapiti Coast for your support


Raffle Results

  1. GROCERIES: Adele (No. 112)
  2. ICED CAKE:P Fleming (No. 287)
  3. MEAT PACK: J Donnelly (No. 228)
  4. PETROL VOUCHERS: Ron Crosland (No. 505)
  5. PAINTING: Maribel Fernando (No. 298)
  6. PAINTING: Marianne (No. 264)
  7. CHILDRENS GIFT BOX: Lisa Papara (No. 226)
  8. HOMEWARES: Michael Donovan (No. 140)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who supported the raffles and to those who contributed the prizes.


Pictures from Mission Gala 2014



Past and Future

Some 30+ years ago a young Presentation Sister here on the Kapiti Coast answered a call from colleagues of hers working in mission stations on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. A few years earlier other Sisters from here went to Peru and Chile to work in the city slums. Even though they had already come all the way from Ireland to work here as teachers and nurses they were continuing to follow in the footsteps of their foundress, Venerable Nano Nagle, who gave up a life of wealth and privilege to work among and educate the poorest and outcasts of society - those on the edge, that Pope Francis reminds us about.

About this time the local Sisters and Parish community started up the Mission Gala to raise sorely needed funds to support our Sisters in this work. For instance Sr Breda was able to build a much needed medical centre (Haus Sik) in Ningil, PNG, which is today still in operation, now run by the local Sisters and helpers. The money is also used to pay for education, medical care and essential nutrition for the sick, new born babies and their mothers.

After 30+ years the work is now largely being done by locally trained and professed Sisters and there is still a great need for money to enable them to continue ministering to their own communities and to continue to train young women. Over the 30 years we have raised about $320 000 and averaged around $15 000 a year over the last few years. This represents a most substantial and effective, practical commitment by the parish to the social justice mission of the Church.

I have been involved, as Convenor, for eleven years now and it has been a most rewarding commitment working with a wonderful team to come together each year to achieve what we have done so well. So how do we do it? Most of the work is done by the various stall convenors and their helpers who help with collecting, sorting and setting up, and then cleaning up. There is also the support of the wider parish and the Kapiti Coast community and businesses who make, donate, provide, buy, and pray for the success of our Gala. But all this needs someone to be responsible for the basic organisation and to ensure that "Gala Day" runs smoothly.

I am stepping down from this role at the conclusion of this Gala and have already asked if anyone is prepared to carry on this role - but so far no success. So who is out there in our Parish to take up this challenge to ensure that the work continues?

Thank you all for all your help, prayers and support over the past 11 years.



Mission gala and Garage Sale – Saturday 27th September 2014

In anticipating and preparing for this year's Mission Gala it would be timely to reflect on the vision of Venerable Nano Nagle, the foundress of the Presentation Sisters, as she progresses to sainthood.

Nano was a young Irish woman, of comfortable means, with a vision and passion for the poorest and a desire for a more compassionate society.  Nano saw that one sure way to achieve her vision was through education. She established a number of schools, and, in time, founded the Order of Presentation Sisters in 1775, who continue this work today.

Her vision inspired the teaching and nursing work that our Presentation Sisters have been doing in the Kapiti area for nearly 60 years. It also inspires the work they do in the poorest of communities in Papua-New Guinea and slum areas of Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

We have received two letters from our Sisters in PNG, which help to remind us what the Mission Gala is really about and how it helps the Sisters in their work of education, evangelisation and social justice in PNG.

Sr Regina writes to Breda; "We are all keeping well and in good condition. I am writing on behalf of all the Sisters to thank you for your continuous financial support. Your peoples' generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness are very much appreciated. I have been to Ningil lately for the Canonical Visitation. Cathy and Laurencia and male nurses are keeping the hospital clean and tidy. Thank you so much again".

And Sr Betty Singamai writes to Sr Breda : "I remember you very well and I am thankful to you for the Ningil Health Centre project and the continuous support you and the Kapiti people give us. News from Aitape; all is well, we have four new candidates. Sr Laurencia did her final vows on the 26th of April."

We have been blessed with the support and commitment of our Parishioners and the wider Kapiti community and look forward to this again this year. If you can assist with or contribute in any way to the Gala and the Mission of the Presentation Sisters please contact Sr Breda, Tony Bevin or the stall holders listed over the page.

We also need someone or a small group to take over the role of Organiser for the Gala.

Sr Breda, Ph 905 3420 Tony Bevin, Ph 299 6825